Urban Agriculture Kingston

Promoting food sustainability in an urban centre

Jim Neill's response

1)      Council has supported hospital capital projects, but has no involvement with operating costs; nor should we. Having said that, as a supporter of their capital projects, we have an opportunity through moral suasion to promote that they have a policy of local food purchasing. We can set procurement policy for our Municipal Seniors Residence, Rideaucrest, and we should. Schools and hospitals can and should be persuaded to do so and the City can help mobilize public opinion and model local procurement through Rideaucrest. The school boards and hospital boards can be strongly encouraged by the city. It should be local and provincial government pressure to change the purchasing practices of these institutions.


2)       The City should have more Farmers’ Markets in all parts of the City. They can be of various sizes and offer varied schedules that are publicly advertised and promoted on line and in print. Also, the city should expand its support of agencies that promote education of healthier nutrition throughout the city with an emphasis on local food options.


            The city supports through a variety of grants, social organizations and agencies. I would support such grants 

            for organizations that bring forward a sound proposal.


3)      I support on principle community organizations taking a greater consultative role in policy making at City Hall. I would be happy to explore that option with your group. There are several other groups, such as KEAF, that are so supported.


       4)  I have stated in my leaflet that one of my goals is, “To support urban

            agriculture through expanded Community Gardens.” I am very impressed

            with the Sunnyside Community Garden and have spoken to gardeners there.

            I would propose a motion at council for ARC to ask Parks and Kingston

            Utilities to present a report identifying feasible sites. I would support a public

            meeting to explore this option. I believe we should go beyond ‘3 best sites’,

            and create an inventory and plan comprehensively.


5)      I have stated without hesitation and without qualification that I support a well conceived bylaw allowing back yard hens.