Urban Agriculture Kingston

Promoting food sustainability in an urban centre

Ed Smithís Reply:


Thanks for forwarding the Urban Agriculture questionnaire. It brings to over a dozen and a half questionnaires Iíve received in this campaign, most requiring detailed responses.

I have responded to Mike Payne who I have cc'ed here, on a long list of questions he submitted if not officially, than unofficially from Urban Agriculture Kingston related to urban agriculture issues.

With respect, while continuing to fulfill my responsibilities as a municipal councillor, Iím endeavoring to focus my campaign activities on speaking with the residents of the Williamsville district to hear their issues and concerns.    

 Thank you and the members of Urban Agriculture Kingston for your contributions to the community.


Ed Smith,

Williamsville District Councillor and Candidate for Re-Election


(Please note,  Mike Payne contacted Ed as a constituent not as a representative of Urban Agriculture Kingston,  and the questions asked were not the same, at the bottom of Edís answers was the following which we think is probably the best course of action)

Youíll find out more about me and the issues on my website at   www.re-electedsmith.com